“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
                    Love like you'll never be hurt,
                Sing like there's nobody listening,
                And live like it's heaven on earth.” 

                                                       ― William W. Purkey


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Farmhouse / Primitive and Accessories for the Cozy Country Home Adding Warmth and Individuality to every Conceivable Decorating Style Where Shopping Takes You Back to the Old Home Place

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Kimberly but please call me Kimmy.I am the owner of Nannys prims and Decor ,and if you know me you probably know how the name of my business came about .My nanny is my hero,and if you come in the store you will see nanny around a lot . You can call her nanny , she is use too it . I am also a dog mama and a sister too two amazing boys. I love to travel, decorate and do outdoor activities. My love for primitive decor led me to this business and I am excited to see where it takes me .

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Cute things with a large variety. You can feel the love put into the shop with the small attention to detail by the owner.  - Amanda 

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Such an amazing store with a BIG selection .  Definitely recommend going here for all your house decor, inside and out !  - Amber   

such a fun experience

Love all the cute Primitive decorations. Kimmy deserves our support in her new business
 - Brenda  

wonderful, beautiful

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                  - Greenery 
                  - Table top Florals 
                  - Bed&Bath Decor
                  - Farmhouse Decor 
                  - and more

                    - Wooden Pictures 
                    - Pip Berries 
                    - Wax Tarts  
                    - Seasonal Decor 
                    - Wreaths

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